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In the following regulation the main house rules which are of effect in the entire hotel are dictated. We appeal to all our guests to respect and accept these rules.

General Rules

  • We respect your privacy at all times, however we are within our rights to enter your hotel room at any case of ‘non-compliance of the hotel’s house rules’.
  • Hotel Den Haag – Nootdorp commands a zero tolerance policy. This means that all guests which are non-compliant with the hotel’s house rules will not receive a warning first, but are directly instructed to leave the premises. In this case no refunds will be extended and payed deposits will be withheld.
  • In the event of violation of the rules as stated in these house rules or in the event of other undesirable or unlawful behavior, Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp reserves the right to place you on the Alert List for a certain period and/or, if there is a serious violation, to share your data with other Valk Exclusief hotels so that you are no longer welcome there. In the event of a placement on the Alert List, you will receive a written notification. As the booker of the room, you are responsible for the guests you bring. If a guest staying in a room you have booked violates the house rules or is guilty of undesirable or unlawful behavior, we can put you as a booker on the Alert List and hold you accountable for any damage.
  • All instructions from hotel employees, which are conform the hotels’ house rules, are to be followed.
  • Stay calm in case of fire. Report the fire at our reception and/or activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • In case of fire leave the building immediately.
  • Do not use the lift in case of a fire alarm. Leave the building using the stairs. Follow the exit signs which are clearly marked.
  • Due to the identification requirement, you must be able to show valid proof of identification for all persons staying in the hotel at the time of check-in. The minimum age to stay in our hotel is 18 years, with the exception of children and young adults who stay with their parents.
  • There are camera’s at multiple locations in the hotel. Any one who accesses the hotel consents to the recordings that are generated. In case of calamities and/or incidents these recordings could be used as supportive material and therewith shown to only the police.
  • Found items are to be handed in at the reception.
  • The hotel is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal property.
  • The management, the owner of the location and/or people whom work for the hotel, cannot be held accountable for any injury and/or material or immaterial damage guests might experience whilst visiting the location.
  • All hotel rooms must be cleaned daily due to hygiene regulations.
  • Children under the age of 16 are only allowed to enter the facilities under supervision
  • Entering the pool or wellness center is only allowed with swimwear.
  • A towel is required when entering our swimming pool, wellness center and fitness.

It is not allowed to:

  • To use the emergency exits as a regular entrance and/or exit.
  • To book a hotel room with your personal identification whilst you are not staying in this room yourself.
  • To remove hotel possessions from the building. When hotel possessions are intentionally damaged or removed the responsible person(s) could be held accountable and charged with repair- and/or replacement costs.
  • To use, distribute or carry any type of drugs in the hotel and on its premises.
  • To use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in the hotel and on its premises.
  • To cause nuisance for others, say by playing loud music, display unpleasant behaviour, or create uproar of any kind.
  • To smoke at any location within the hotel. A fine of €175,- will be charged when it is discovered that guests have been smoking. The call out charges of the fire department of €275,- euros, if the fire alarm will initiate due to smoke in the hotel room, will also be charged to the responsible person(s). This also applies to the use of an e-cigarette.
  • To have more persons present in the hotel room than the number of persons allowed.
  • To receive visitors in our hotel rooms.
  • To receive visitors in our hotel rooms for commercial sexual purposes.
  • The managing board of the hotel will judge all cases separately when this regulation does not fully provide clearance at a particular situation.

  • It is not allowed to consume drinks or to bring glassware in the swimming pool. Also, animals are not allowed in the wellness center.

Regulations Rooms:

  • It is prohibited to smoke at any location in the hotel. If this rule is violated, the guest will be charged with a fine of €175,- for the extra cleaning costs and/or suffered damages.This also applies to the use of an e-cigarette.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any type of candles and/or incense items in relation to the fire alarms and fire hazard. (The security system will be activated automatically.)
  • Certain decorative materials, as for example confetti, is not allowed in the hotel rooms. For more information about accepted decorative materials, please contact our front office. Extra cleaning costs or repair costs due to faulty decorative materials will be charged to the responsible person(s). will be extra charges.
  • When hotel possessions are damaged and/or missing the responsible person(s) will be held accountable and this could result in immediate eviction, liability procedures and/or filing a police report.
  • Displaying a valid identification is compulsory.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use, distribute or carry any type of drugs. When using and/or distributing drugs the hotel will directly inform the police, and could continue by evicting the responsible person(s) without any refunds.
  • Lost and found items are kept for 30 days. After this it is no longer possible to request it back.