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Nootdorp is no longer the small town where the Dorpstraat was its focal point. It has become a great home base for nature enthusiasts, yet also for people whom fancy a city trip. The city centre of Nootdorp, now called the ‘Parade’, is a moderate shopping centre with cute boutiques and cozy restaurants.

History Nootdorp

Van der Valk Hotel The Hague - Nootdorp has been located on the outskirts of The Hague since 2007.

The history of this small village is as follows; After the Counts of Holland have granted permission to exploit the vast peat area to make it suitable for agriculture and livestock farming, the first inhabitants settle here. In official writings, the name Nootdorp occurs for the first time in 1281. Count Floris the Fifth leases a strip of land that runs from the Vliet to the Noitdorper wech (the current Veenweg).


Opinions are divided on the meaning of the word Note. One explanation is that the word stands for not, which means proceeds from the ground and the cattle. This could mean that Nootdorp yields profit for the counts of Holland. Subsequent explanations of the notion of nut deal with peat extraction. In this sense, Nootdorp would help others out of need with the fuel they had recovered.

Nootdorp anno now!

At about 15 minutes walking distance from our hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp you will find an extensive shopping center called "de Parade" on the old trotting track. A diverse one
shopping center which is open from Monday to Saturday. On Friday evening, the shopping evening is until 9:00 PM. For more information regarding the offer of
shops surf to The Hague city center is also 5 minutes away by car.

Windmill De Windlust

Perhaps the face of Nootdorp is windmill De Windlust. This mill is along the Oudeweg. This national monument was built in 1781 on the Hopsteegse tower
(between the Oostpoort and the Koepoort) in Delft. Because of the transition to steam power, the mill was sold in 1885 to a Nootdorp miller. The
wooden superstructure (the eight side) is dismantled, transported to Nootdorp and put back together again in 1885. After the miller's death changes
the mill a number of times from owner.

After the Second World War, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work commercially with a wind-powered mill, so the mill is running in 1952 for the
last. In the years that followed, the mill became increasingly decayed. In 1974 Mr. De Wolf buys the miller's house, the mill and the granary. From the start
he is committed to getting the mill restored. This becomes a difficult operation due to a variety of causes. But after the mill for almost 40 years no longer
the windmill was put back into use in 1989. In 1999 Mr. Van der Lee became the owner of the mill.

For more activities in our municipality "Natuurlijk" Pijnacker-Nootdorp.

The surroundings of Nootdorp also have many different activities to offer if you prefer to go for a walk or go cycling. Only 10 minutes from the hotel you can find the ‘Dobbeplas’ and the ‘Delfste Hout’, a beautiful nature reserve where you can indulge in its alluring greens and even take a refreshing plunge in summertime. This nature reserve has even been characterized as a TOPlocatie (TOPlocation).