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History of The Hague

The Hague has a history that differs in many aspects from that of other Dutch cities. Most, if not all, Dutch towns originated as trading settlements at a crossroads of trade routes. These settlements attracted inhabitants, prosperity increased and these villages asked the lord for city rights. They got their own administration, their own rights, their own court and city walls with their own militia. In The Hague it was different. The Hague arose as the residence of the count and became an administrative center from which the count controlled the county of Holland or had this done by a deputy (stadhouder). The Hague did attract residents, but that was no reason for the count to grant this village its own administration and jurisdiction or its own city walls. There would then be two governments in one city and that was not wise at the time, in a time without extensive regulations. The count wanted to remain his own boss in his own environment. When the village of The Hague later received more rights, there would indeed be constant conflicts between the state and the administration of The Hague.

The Hague today!

The Hague has a very diverse shopping center that is open from Monday to Sunday. The city offers something for everyone, from large department stores to small clothing stores. On Thursday evening it is late night shopping until 21:00.

You can see what there is to do in The Hague via the following link: out-agenda of The Hague