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Art in The Hague
Art in The Hague

Musea in The Hague

The city of The Hague is a museum in itself. Below you will find some tips of museums that can be found in the city.

The Mauritshuis
The Mauritshuis (officially Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis) has been a museum in The Hague since 1822, with paintings from the Golden Age. The permanent collection includes Girl with a Pearl Earring and View of Delft by Johannes Vermeer, 'Soo Voer gesgen, soo na gepepen' by Jan Steen, The Bull by Paulus Potter and The Anatomy Lesson by Dr. Nicolaes Tulip by Rembrandt van Rijn. Are you curious about the possibilities? Click here for more information.

Escher in het Paleis
Escher in Het Paleis is an art museum on the Lange Voorhout. It is housed in the Lange Voorhout Palace, which dates from 1764 and since 2002 has housed a permanent exhibition entirely devoted to the work of the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. For more information click here.

Panorama Mesdag
The Panorama of Scheveningen was painted in 1881 by Hendrik Willem Mesdag for the panorama company Société Anonyme du Panorama Maritime de la Haye. The panorama of Mesdag is one of the few remaining examples and also the oldest panorama in the world situated at its original location. For more information click here.

The Hague Historical Museum
The Hague Historical Museum is a museum on the Korte Vijverberg in The Hague about the history of this city. The museum is located in the former Sint Sebastiaansdoelen. The museum has a collection of more than 7,500 objects. For more information click here.

Art museum
The Art museum The Hague, the museum for modern art in the Netherlands. Discover the beautiful collection including work by Piet Mondrian. The museum has the largest Mondrian collection. For more information click here.