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Westfield Mall of the Netherlands
Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has open its doors in 2021. The indoor shopping center has something for everyone because of the many shops, restaurants and activities. The modern center is definitely worth a visit and is easy to reach from the hotel by car or public transport. From the hotel you can walk to Ypenburg station (10 minutes) where you can catch a tram with a direct connection to Westfield mall of the Netherlands.

Below is an overview of the activities available:

Foodhall Fresh!
In the center you will find Fresh!, a food hall with delicious and diverse shops where you can taste dishes from different regions and countries. Take a healthy green smoothie or enjoy a specialty coffee with pastry. Enough choice!

In Kinepolis Leidschendam you can watch the best films. The cinema has 11 screens and more than 1600 seats, so you're in the right place to complete your day or evening out in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands! The ultimate film experience is stimulated by the new technology; Laser ULTRA and razor-sharp image with Dolby Atmos sound, MX4D and Cozy Seating.

In Westfield Mall of the Netherlands you will find O'Learys, a cozy sports bar, but slightly different! Name a sport and you can watch it in this atmospheric and modern tent. Enjoying a match of the Dutch National Team together or seeing Max Verstappen drive the fastest lap, everything is possible. You can have a lot of fun with the different games that O'Learys offers such as shuffleboarding. Stay informed about the developments of Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, click here.



The indoor shopping center is the ideal place to score a new wardrobe.

With 280 places to shop, the offer is very diverse. Think stores such as; America Today Today, Hugo Boss, Pandora, H&M, Zara, Aspact, Costes, Cotton Club and many more.

If you are curious about the full range of shops, click on the button below.